4 Free Community Veeam Tools and Utilities

By Chip Zoller |  Jun 21, 2017  | veeam, vra, vrealize, powershell, vsphere, all tags
I wrote last about attending VeeamON 2017 in New Orleans and you can view that here. As I was deep in various sessions or talking with peers and Veeam folks, several things stuck out in my mind as current gaps or “nice-to-haves” when it comes to Veeam. So after putting pen to paper, I identified four things I thought could really help other users out. I’m glad to say that all of these have been brought to fruition and have now been released to the community for all to use!
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New disk-related features in vSphere 6

By Chip Zoller |  Jan 12, 2016  | vsphere, all tags
vSphere 6 launched in March of 2015, and since then there have been numerous blogs, presentations, videos, and discussions around the myriad new major features. These are all great improvements to an already solid platform, but there are also lots of un- or minimally-documented features which should be mentioned, features which make administrators’ and engineers’ lives easier. I’ll cover just three of them here, and they all are related to disk devices.
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Fast Backup of vSphere Templates with Veeam

By Chip Zoller |  Dec 17, 2015  | veeam, vsphere, powercli, powershell, all tags
Most organizations use vSphere templates for a quick way to roll out VMs manually through vCenter, via a clone workflow in vRealize Automation, or something else. Sometimes they’re just base OS with configuration, and sometimes they have complicated applications installed in the case of VDI. Very often, these would be time consuming to reproduce and are changing on a regular basis due to things like patching and updates. So, naturally, you probably want to back those templates up.
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Critical CBT Bug in vSphere 6 and Veeam workaround

By Chip Zoller |  Nov 16, 2015  | vsphere, veeam, all tags
There was recently (12 November 2015) another critical backup-related bug published affecting ESXi 6.x and CBT-based backups. Any backup product that leverages VADP (snapshot-based backup processing) is affected by this issue. For customers using Veeam, here is a workaround if it is not possible to downgrade to ESXi 5.5. Edit each job that processes VMs on hosts that are at version 6 or higher, go to Storage, then click on the Advanced button.
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