Buy Don't Build

By Chip Zoller |  Jan 25, 2020  | thoughts, all tags
As long as I’ve been involved in technology, I’ve noticed a central theme which reappears countless times and is a powerful influencer in every decision, hire, and discussion. This theme invisibly steers businesses in meaningful ways yet isn’t given enough serious thought by developers and technical folks. That theme, or question rather, is whether to build or buy. In other words, “do we build this thing ourselves or do we buy a thing from someone else?
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2020 Public Domain Day

By Chip Zoller |  Jan 4, 2020  | thoughts, all tags
In addition to the customary “Happy New Year” we casually wish each other, the first of January also ushers in a new round of creative works entering the public domain around the world. In Canada, it’s works authored by contributors who died in 1969; in the EU it’s works authored by contributors who died in 1949; and in the US it’s works published in 1924. One of the more prominent works entering the public domain from the US side is George Gershwin’s Rhapsody in Blue, first published in 1924 in its version for two pianos.
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