Rancher HA on Enterprise PKS

By Chip Zoller |  Sep 25, 2019  | k8s, rancher, pks, nsx-t, all tags
Rancher is a container orchestration and management tool that has been around for several years at this point and performs a variety of different functions. In more recent days, it has been refactored to completely adopt Kubernetes. In this blog, I am going to focus on how to build an enterprise-grade, highly-available, and secure installation of Rancher Server on top of VMware Enterprise PKS. I’ll respond to the burning question of ‘why Rancher on PKS in the first place?
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HTTPS Ingress with Enterprise PKS

By Chip Zoller |  Sep 3, 2019  | k8s, pks, networking, nsx-t, all tags
Kubernetes is an awesome technology, in my humble opinion, and one of the best ways to adopt it and begin to use it in a production-worthy manner is with VMware’s Enterprise PKS. By using Enterprise PKS, you get some truly great additional value by leveraging NSX-T for the networking and security components. One of those things that comes in so handy is the ingress controller capabilities of NSX-T in which you don’t need to go roll your own.
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