pks-dns: Automated DNS registration for PKS Clusters

By Chip Zoller |  Aug 9, 2019  | pks, k8s, docker, all tags
VMware’s Enterprise PKS is a great solution for quickly and easily stamping out Kubernetes clusters. It really makes the process simple and repeatable while bringing additional benefits like scaling, upgrades, and auto-healing thanks to the likes of BOSH–PKS’ right-hand man. It also leverages (or can) NSX-T which provides tons of additional value. All of these pieces come together to form what is often touted as a “turnkey solution”. However, ever since I first started working with the product, something has always bugged me and remained in the back of my mind like a chime ringing in the distance.
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Photon Docker Container Hosts in vRA 7.2

By Chip Zoller |  Jan 10, 2017  | docker, vra, vrealize, all tags
vRealize Automation 7.2 was released in late November with the much-heralded release of container support. You can read about it in the official announcement blog here and a post from Jad here, but other features also accompanied containers including support for Azure, ServiceNow integration, and others. Since containers has been and continues to be such a hot topic, I wanted to explore this feature in depth and I’ll be writing several posts that cover all aspects of Docker and containers through vRA, so stay tuned here for more posts.
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Docker Engine on Windows and Linux through vRealize Automation

By Chip Zoller |  Dec 6, 2016  | docker, vra, vrealize, all tags
Docker is a topic that seems all the rage today, and people and organizations are scrambling to understand the technology in order to power their next-generation apps with methodologies such as continuous delivery and micro-services. In order to make standing up Docker easier for those with vRealize Automation, I’ve made a couple of software blueprints that can be dropped on top of your existing machine blueprints which allow you to provision Docker hosts on both Linux and Windows!
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