Synology DiskStation: The Magical Crash

By Chip Zoller |  Jul 15, 2016  | homelab, all tags
I’m inside, at my desk on a Sunday morning having just had some coffee and not in the best of spirits despite looking out the window at a beautifully sunny day on a well-coiffed lawn. I look to my left and patiently wait for a vertical row of four green, blinking lights to calm themselves. It’s definitely a moment of anxiety for me, because at this moment, I am having to rebuild and start anew with my 4-bay Synology DS412+, the NAS I’ve been using in my home lab for the past few years.
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New disk-related features in vSphere 6

By Chip Zoller |  Jan 12, 2016  | vsphere, all tags
vSphere 6 launched in March of 2015, and since then there have been numerous blogs, presentations, videos, and discussions around the myriad new major features. These are all great improvements to an already solid platform, but there are also lots of un- or minimally-documented features which should be mentioned, features which make administrators’ and engineers’ lives easier. I’ll cover just three of them here, and they all are related to disk devices.
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Fast Backup of vSphere Templates with Veeam

By Chip Zoller |  Dec 17, 2015  | veeam, vsphere, powercli, powershell, all tags
Most organizations use vSphere templates for a quick way to roll out VMs manually through vCenter, via a clone workflow in vRealize Automation, or something else. Sometimes they’re just base OS with configuration, and sometimes they have complicated applications installed in the case of VDI. Very often, these would be time consuming to reproduce and are changing on a regular basis due to things like patching and updates. So, naturally, you probably want to back those templates up.
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Using the vRealize Certificate Generation Tool

By Chip Zoller |  Nov 18, 2015  | vra, vrealize, all tags
Most of us have felt the pain in some way of dealing with certificate management in enterprise environments. I suspect for most people, this is one of the least fun tasks in either the virtualization world or IT in general. Let’s face it, it just isn’t something we look forward to doing. Most products out there have a reasonable if not good way of coping with installing, changing, or renewing of certificates.
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Critical CBT Bug in vSphere 6 and Veeam workaround

By Chip Zoller |  Nov 16, 2015  | vsphere, veeam, all tags
There was recently (12 November 2015) another critical backup-related bug published affecting ESXi 6.x and CBT-based backups. Any backup product that leverages VADP (snapshot-based backup processing) is affected by this issue. For customers using Veeam, here is a workaround if it is not possible to downgrade to ESXi 5.5. Edit each job that processes VMs on hosts that are at version 6 or higher, go to Storage, then click on the Advanced button.
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vRO 5.5 DNS Reverts

By Chip Zoller |  Oct 8, 2015  | vro, all tags
vRealize Orchestrator is VMware’s automation and workflow engine that unlocks the true power of vRealize Automation enabling things like custom machine provisioning/de-provisioning steps and any external systems that may need to be called. For those still using vCenter Orchestrator 5.5, the appliance sees to have one strange issue that might impact those making changes to the underlying infrastructure. The appliance has an odd tendency to revert DNS to the previously provisioned values even after changing them in the configurator.
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